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NAVSTA Great Lakes Support Services

The Naval Station Great Lakes, Fleet Readiness Program (N92) provides Navy personnel (including active duty and retired military, reservists, DoD employees and family members) with a varied program of wholesome and constructive off-duty leisure activities, community recreation, fitness, youth services, entertainment and hospitality. These combined services contribute to the quality of life of the TOTAL FORCE stationed in and around NAVSTA Great Lakes and those authorized DoD personnel traveling to the local area.

Our vision and goal is to be our CUSTOMER's Preferred Choice when it comes to recreation, fitness, youth services, entertainment & hospitality!

Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA) and the Recruit Training Command (RTC) are located approximately 35 miles north of Chicago, in the far north eastern corner of Illinois. The Wisconsin state line is approximately 16 miles north of NAVSTA/RTC. Sheridan (formally known as Fort Sheridan) is located approximately 18 miles north of Chicago and 8 miles south of NAVSTA. Glenview (formally known as Glenview Naval Air Station) is located approximately 19 miles north of Chicago and 25 miles south of NAVSTA.

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