NAVSTA Great Lakes - Spinz

Safety is our priority!

For the safety of our patrons and employees, we will be practicing safe physical distancing.
Face coverings are now required in the facility.
Please see our COVID 19 page for our current operating information.

What is Spinz? 

It's a juicy, freshly cooked big beef burger. It's a warm and toasty panini. It's hot wings or a pizza loaded with toppings to enjoy while bowling, or delivered to the barracks. It's the best buffalo chicken nachos or tasty treats at the grab-and-go deli to enjoy while taking in the latest movie. Spinz handcrafted food has an option for any craving. It's a new "spin" on food at the Epicenter with free delivery on the main base!

Spinz Takeout Menu
Spinz Trifold Menu

Spinz handcrafted food is available for pickup or delivery!
Don't stand in line, order online! Ready, Click, Go!!

You can call your order in at 847-688-7898.

You can order online at: Dine on the Go Midlant

You can download the DINE ON THE GO app by texting DOTGMA to 33733.

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