Circuit Fitness 360

Circuit Fitness 360:
This class takes place at the Fit Pit on Constitution Field

A class that provides high intensity fuctional circuits that utilize a variety of equipment and bodyweight exercises. This class with increase your heart rate and provide muscle confustion until the very end!

FitPit classes will be held outside. In case of inclement weather, FitPit classes will be held at Bldg 2A/Bldg 4. FitPit Surface may become hot during Summer months. It is recommended to wear gloves and use a towel when working out on the FitPit surface.

*All group exercise classes are free to active duty, dependents and civilians.
*Classes are subject to change. Please check MWR Great Lakes Facebook page for cancelations.
*Sign up today for the fitness center distribution list to receive the latest class and facility information.
*Classes must have at least 2 participants to be conducted.