Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED:
This class takes place at the Fit Pit on Constitution Field

A 45-minute class that is a high intensity and endurance based workout, utilizing Jillian Michael's 3-2-1 interval approach. Light weights and a mat is all you need!

FitPit classes will be held outside. In case of inclement weather, FitPit classes will be held at Bldg 2A/Bldg 4. FitPit Surface may become hot during Summer months. It is recommended to wear gloves and use a towel when working out on the FitPit surface.

*All group exercise classes are free to active duty, dependents and civilians.
*Classes are subject to change. Please check MWR Great Lakes Facebook page for cancelations.
*Sign up today for the fitness center distribution list to receive the latest class and facility information.
*Classes must have at least 2 participants to be conducted.